Stay with Us, in Historic Downtown Pensacola

The rooms at New World Landing are named for a variety of figures from Pensacola’s illustrious past.
Controlled at different periods by French, Spanish, British and American governments, the Pensacola area is rich in lasting international influences and has been home to many of America’s historical events.

Outfitted with antique and period pieces, the rooms hearken back to the days when our fledgling nation was first being formed. They are designed to transport you to a time and place that is rooted firmly in the past while enjoying the modern benefits of our vibrant city.

We invite you to read the following historical notes outlining the figures for which our rooms are named. These people and the events they took part in shaped our local as well as national history. You will see evidence of their deeds and legacies in the names of our streets, historical monuments, and idyllic city parks in the areas surrounding New World Inn.

Rachel & Andrew Jackson Suite<br />(1767 - 1845)
Room 1

Rachel & Andrew Jackson Suite
(1767 - 1845)

Andrew Jackson was born near the border between North and South Carolina to an immigrant family of Scots-Irish farmers. Jackson has been referred to as the Cavalier of Tennessee, the hero of … Read More
Tristan de Luna<br />(1519 - 1571)
Room 2

Tristan de Luna
(1519 - 1571)

De Luna was born in Borobia, Spain to a noble family at a time when Spain, England and France looked to gain control of land across the Atlantic. Spain’s Phillip II chose … Read More
William Panton<br />(1745 - 1801)
Room 3

William Panton
(1745 - 1801)

Panton, a native of Scotland, became one of the wealthiest men in Colonial Florida. Indeed, he may rank as the most outstanding merchant the region has ever known. In 1785, he established … Read More
William Dudley Chipley<br />(1840 - 1897)
Room 4

William Dudley Chipley
(1840 - 1897)

William Dudley Chipley was born in Columbus, GA and was raised in Lexington, KY. Chipley was a railroad tycoon and statesman who built the first railroad in Pensacola. Known as the Pensacola … Read More
William Henry Chase<br />(1798 - 1870)
Room 5

William Henry Chase
(1798 - 1870)

Chase was born in Buckfield, ME in 1798, graduated from West Point in 1815 and was subsequently assigned to the Corps of Engineers.Shortly after the United States took control of Pensacola from … Read More
William Augustus Bowles<br />(1763 - 1805)
Room 6

William Augustus Bowles
(1763 - 1805)

At age 14, William A. Bowles (also known as Billy Bowlegs) held a commission in the British Army. After serving in Philadelphia, PA, he was assigned to the British Gulf Forces and … Read More
Mariana Pingrow Bonifay<br />(1760 - 1829)
Room 7

Mariana Pingrow Bonifay
(1760 - 1829)

Success stories of women who combine family life, a business career and public service are now taken for granted. However, this was not the case two hundred years ago; that is why … Read More
Elias and Rebecca Durnford<br />(1739 - 1794)
Room 9

Elias and Rebecca Durnford
(1739 - 1794)

The Durnfords are two of the most outstanding figures in the history of the city of Pensacola’s planning and development. The results of his initial surveys remain today on our Old City … Read More
Bernardo de Gálvez<br />(1746 - 1786)
Room 10

Bernardo de Gálvez
(1746 - 1786)

Galvez was born in 1746 in the Spanish mountain village of Macharaviaya. He began his military career at the age of 16, and was sent to New Spain (now Mexico) as a … Read More
Governor George Johnstone<br />(1730 - 1787)
Room 11

Governor George Johnstone
(1730 - 1787)

Governor Johnstone was the first governor of British West Florida. He came to Pensacola in October of 1764 and inaugurated civil government after more than a year of military rule in the … Read More
Geronimo<br />(1829 - 1909)
Room 12

(1829 - 1909)

Geronimo was born near Turkey Creek, NM in 1829. In the Bedonkohe Apache tribe, Geronimo fought against the expansion into traditional Apache tribal lands by Mexico and Arizona during the Apache-American conflict.“Geronimo” was … Read More
Don Manuel Gonzalez<br />(1767 - 1838)
Room 13

Don Manuel Gonzalez
(1767 - 1838)

Born in the northern Spanish coastal town of San Vincente de la Barquera in 1767, Don Manuel Gonzalez ran away from his family of landed gentry to serve on a ship owned … Read More
Vicente Sebastián Pintado<br />(1774 - 1829)
Room 14

Vicente Sebastián Pintado
(1774 - 1829)

Vicente Pintado, a career soldier, was appointed Surveyor General of West Florida in 1805 for the Spanish army, and is most famous for his “Pintado Plan.” This map outlined the streets of … Read More
Charles Leonard LeBaron<br />(1763 - 1823)
Room 15

Charles Leonard LeBaron
(1763 - 1823)

A Pensacola family of French origin, the Le Baron clan left their mark on the mercantile field and maritime operations of Pensacola. Charles Leonard LeBaron was born in Normandy in 1761. After … Read More
Jean Marcos Coulon Jumonville de Villiers<br />(1712 - 1794)
Room 16

Jean Marcos Coulon Jumonville de Villiers
(1712 - 1794)

Honor and fidelity describes Colonel Marcos Coulon de Villiers’ long service as a career officer in the Louisiana Infantry Regiment stationed in New Orleans and Pensacola.When Louisiana was sold by the French … Read More
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